"I can highly recommend Becky Frewin. She is a wonderful therapist who provided great support through my cochlear implant. Made me (as a profoundly deaf person) and my children feel very comfortable with communicating. I can not recommended her enough." 

LL, profoundly deaf adult

"I would recommend Becky as she is a fantastic speech therapist. I first met Becky when my cochlear implant was switched on for the first time. Becky prepared me well before the switch on. I kept asking for more listening homework! Her voice is so clear and easy to lipread. After a while, I didn't have to lipread her. She is very patient and has a great sense of humour! I am pleased that I have had a very good speech therapist. Becky always went the extra mile to make sure I understood what's required for me to do. I would like to say thank you for working with me." 

AB, profoundly deaf adult

"As a teacher of the deaf I worked closely with Becky in a London secondary school. Her warmth and professionalism enabled her to develop very positive and productive working relationships with some vulnerable young people facing significant communication challenges. Her excellent work assessing, planning, delivering and reviewing progress enabled them to develop the skills they needed to access the curriculum and feel confident and valued. Becky trained and supported our Learning Support Assistants to deliver programmes of support tailored to the needs of our students, enabling them to develop essential language, life and learning skills." 

AB, Teacher of the Deaf

"Becky Frewin is an exceptional SLT with a strong commitment to improving the skills and knowledge of her clients. Her work with teenagers is innovative and inspiring, and has shown how much needs to be done to help this group of young people with hearing loss. In short, one of the best." 

Geoff Plant, OAM, CEO of Hearing Rehabilitation Foundation, Boston, Massachussetts